We create value together with our customers by providing innovative fluid transfer solutions which enable safe operations, reduced environmental impact and lower total cost of ownership


GS-Hydro was founded in 1974 in Finland by Göran Sundholm who was the original inventor of flange connection technology, which is the basis of GS-Hydro’s operations until the present day.
After the early successes, the company expended through new subsidiaries across Europe, and, eventually, all over the world. Currently there are twelve GS-Hydro branches, delivering GS products to all parts of the globe and servicing customers even in the remotest locations.
Over the years the invention of Göran Sundholm proved time and again to be the most viable alternative to welded pipe connections and became the modern standard for the most demanding, high pressure applications.


At the turn of 2017 and 2018 GS-Hydro became a part of the Interpump Group. The brand and company’s organizational structures remained unchanged, but the inclusion into Interpump brought numerous advantages and synergy possibilities.
Within a few months, all GS-Hydro production was moved to state-of-the-art facilities in Italy, which became a new hub for GS technology.
Together with over a 100 different companies in two major Interpump divisions – Fluid Transfer Solutions and Water Jetting – GS-Hydro keeps on growing while utilizing the collective experience and know-how of the group.

Through Interpump GS-Hydro and its customers have access to products of brands such as:
IMM, Hypress, Hydralok, Panni, Contarini, Hydroven, Walvoil, Hydro Control
… and the list keeps on growing!

Find our more about Interpump at https://www.interpumpgroup.it


GS-Hydro Corporate Headquaters


Via E. Fermi, 25

42049 Sant’Ilario (RE), Italy

Phone: +39 0522 904311
Fax: +39 050 704444